In line with the philosophy of effective altruism, my goal in life is to work on the social issues where I can make the biggest positive impact. This blog is dedicated to helping myself and others figure out how to do that; and to inspire others to do the same.

Currently, I’m a third-year student at New York University School of Law where I focus on human and nonhuman rights law, policy, and strategy. Currently, my main areas of interest can be divided into three areas: (1) poverty; (2) animal rights; and (3) international security.

Since starting at NYU, I’ve worked for the Open Society Justice Initiative, an influential human rights advocacy program; the Nonhuman Rights Project, an animal advocacy organization; and the U.S. Department of Justice, National Security Division. I’m currently working to update one of the world’s leading human rights casebooks as a research assistant to Professor Philip Alston.

Please feel free to reach me at jayshooster@gmail.com


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